Paimpol-Bréhat test site: a reconfigured submarine link

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Reconfiguration work ends with success! With a connection even better suited for the needs of tidal turbine developers, Paimpol-Bréhat test site strengthens its international position of a full scale pilote and open sea site, in real ocean condition.

In favor of neap tides, reconfiguration work of submarine link was carried out with success.

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An attractive national grid

Developers are now able to connect to a three phase alternative current socket. Specific equipment for DC power, underwater connection by divers and a hundred meters of cable lengths have been removed.

Further improvement: the connection is now made using a terminal plug that can be connected out of the water, avoiding the underwater connection by divers.

This reconfiguration work was carried out as part of the European TIGER project under the sponsorship of the Brittany Region and EDF and with co-funding from the INTERREG Channel programme. It represents an essential step for the global perpetuation project of Paimpol-Bréhat test site for the development of the tidal stream industry, and more broadly of marine energy in Brittany.

Electrical and optical modifications work were carried out by MacArtney France from the Inyanga Entsha vessel with the contribution of the company Bretagne Plongée.

More information about technical specifications