We build the future of floating Wind Power in the Atlantic

Bretagne is turning to marine renewables as a way to meet its energy demands and is keen to back industrial projects and identify areas that are attractive to develop this technology commercially. To address the needs of local energy production, Bretagne is committing to floating wind turbines, backing industrial projects and identifying areas that are commercially attractive for the technology so as to encourage the development of this new sector. Floating wind turbines with their now mature technology will allow for arrays further offshore, in waters between 50 and 200 metres deep, which will help cater for the needs of various sea-users.

A map of sales areas


A 500 km² perimeter in the south-west of Groix-Belle-Île, conducive to the implementation of the first business floating wind farm, 1 GW potential.

Call for tender for a 250 MW floating wind  farm : 2020