A task force dedicated to supporting foreign companies before, during and after their investments in Brittany

1. Advice to support before investing or partnering in Brittany

    • Strategic information: first level of market analysis, joint search for first suppliers and customers, identification of training and education resources specific to your sector
    • Legal information: choice of your business’s legal structures, labour and real estate costs, taxes and other fees, work contracts, visas.
    • Incentives / financial support information: identification of the appropriate programs to support your development in Bretagne, at national, regional and local levels; support to applications for regional support programs
    • Operational setup: selection and visit of industrial sites and / or offices, support for the creation of your industrial and technological partnerships, support in mobilizing local resources for communication, recruiting

2. On-going support as long as the company is registered in Brittany

  • Networking events
  • Support to international development : same support as for Breton headquartered companies
  • Ongoing information on financial support programs, legal and regulatory changes, …
  • Tailor-made Support in your future expansion

These services are free-of charge

Please contact Philippe Thieffry
 Bretagne Ocean Power manager