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Tested and validated on the island of Ouessant in Brittany, the system of technical solutions used makes it possible to make a territory self-sufficient in energy, which is also decarbonised.


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A 3-lever solution


In Brittany, we have developed off-grid solutions that make isolated locations energy self-sufficient by relying on:

  • intelligent management of the adequacy between production and consumption: creation of an energy loop with a microgrid (Energy Management System) based on an energy storage device.
  • production of electricity from renewable energies, including offshore and marine energies
  • control of consumption

Our Ouessant island demonstrator

The goal for the isle of Ouessant (Brittany) : to reach 100% sustainable energy production by 2030!

The isle of Ouessant in western France has already committed to its energy transition through the implementation of a local energy loop based on a plan which aims to :

  • Produce energy locally from sustainable sources: tidal turbin, offhosre wind, PV solar plants.
  • Reduce energy consumption: replacement of energy-intensive appliances, renovation of lighting in public areas and in buildings, distribution of LED lamps to users.
  • Enhance electric mobility: through an upcoming project for charging stations, fuelled by sustainable production.
  • Raise awareness, training and participation of users and the public in general to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

Replicable for all isolated territories

To achieve its objective of autonomy, Ouessant has also relied on the INTERREG MANCHE “ICE” (Intellient Community Energy) Project, a Franco-English cooperation, dedicated to the development and promotion of smart grids for the production, storage and consumption of low-carbon energy in isolated territories. Coordinated by BDI, this 4-year project has a total budget of €8.3m (of which €5.8m is ERDF – European Regional Development Fund).

  • implementation of a set of energy management solutions based on smart grids technologies
  • production of marine energy with the Sabella D10 tidal turbine exploiting the Fromveur current (an area of very violent current located in the Iroise Sea)
  • piloting of the island’s electrical system (provided by EDF SEI) with
    • the implementation of an energy storage device
    • a management of the adequacy between consumption and production of renewable origin with ENEDIS, which has deployed Linky communicating meters and AIP for the support of citizens.

Read more (in french) : Ouessant, un projet SMILE


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