Want to meet the official offshore wind suppliers? Come and meet us at Seanergy 2023!

BOP à Seanergy

Home of floating wind and ocean energy, Brittany will be present at Seanergy with a Bretagne Ocean Power Pavilion. No less than 13 companies are present, all of wich are already official suppliers for offshore renewable projects.

For two days, you will have the opportunity to meet them. An opportunity not to be missed to rely on them too!

Home of Floating Wind with the first commercial project in Europe and dedicated port infrastructure, and home of Ocean Energy with support to the technology development and defined areas for tidal commercial projects, Brittany will be present at Seanergy with a Bretagne Ocean Power Pavilion. Its strong natural and industrial potential makes it a very active and committed region in all offshore wind & marine renewable energy technologies: floating and bottom-fixed wind, tidal and wave power.

The diversity of the Breton players exhibiting in the Brittany Pavilion is proof of this! No less than 13 companies will be present, clusters and innovation pole, as well as infrastructure dedicated to marine energy (MRE ports and test sites) will be represented.

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13 Breton companies on the Bretagne Ocean Power Pavilion

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Producers of offshore wind and marine energy, actors for operations at sea and for the construction of dedicated boats, equipment manufacturers, or specialists in underwater studies or environmental impact: 13 Breton companies are ready to meet you. All of them are now official suppliers of major clients in France or abroad!




  • Hytech Imaging: seabed imaging and mapping > realizes digital aerial campaigns STORMM High altitude census of marine megafauna and avifauna for all call for tenders for French offshore wind farms
  • Quiet-Oceans: modeling, monitoring and mitigation of underwater noise > acoustic monitoring and real-time detection of the presence of marine mammals for the installation of the foundations of the St Nazaire wind farm and for the St Brieuc wind farm (France), prediction of underwater noise during the pile-driving operation of offshore wind farm in Taiwan and Rimini (Italy)
  • Wipsea / Pixsea: aerial Intelligence for marine environment > digital aerial surveys of marine megafauna for the Fécamps and Courseulles sur Mer (France) wind farms
  • Otecmi: inspection and non-destructive testing > non-destructive testing of metallic elements built for foundations (St Brieuc and St Nazaire offshore wind farms – France), non-destructive testing of composite elements of wind turbine blades for LM Wind
  • Thalos: integrated and secure connectivity management solutions, fitting with all type of vessels and operating areas
  • Ifopse: GWO certified training provider, based in Brittany, France
  • Mappem Geophysics: expert in innovative electromagnetic methods to provide enhanced insight into the marine subsurface > for the Fecamp, Saint-Brieuc, Courseulles sur Mer and St Nazaire (France) offshore wind farms
  • Neodyme Breizh: specialist in QHSE disciplines for high-risk projects > for RTE on the Fecamp, Saint-Brieuc and Yeu-Noirmoutiers (France) offshore wind farms
  • Scaph’Eusa: specialized divers for underwater work in difficult conditions
  • Brittany Aviation: offshore aviation advisor > for the Saint-Nazaire (France) offshore wind farm

3 companies offer offshore & ocean energies production solutions will be also on the Breton booth

  • Legendre Group: expert in energy construction > DIKWE, a harbour protection structure that recovers wave energy to produce electricity at the port
  • Eolink: engineering company fully dedicated to the development of an innovative and integrated floating wind turbine
  • Ailes Marines: in charge of the development, construction and operation of the offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc

Focus on our solutions

Are you interested in developing an offshore renewables project? You can also discover our solutions on the Bretagne Ocean Power pavilion:

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3 pitches are also organized on the Breton Pavilion during Seanergy

  • Tuesday 20st June, 2023, from 2.30 to 3.30 pm : Presentation of the PIXSEA solution using SEMMACAPE project results: aerial study of marine megafauna in offshore wind farms using automatic characterization. Gwénaël DUCLOS (Founder of WIPSEA/PIXSEA), Bruno Roux (Co-founder of L’Avion Jaune/PIXSEA), Ludivine Martinez (Founder of Cohabys/PIXSEA)
  • Wednesday 21st June, 2023, from 10 to 11 am : Launching the SOLAR STORMM services, offshore digital surveys using long range UAV systems, by Hytech Imaging. Marc Lennon (Hytech-imaging), Benjamin David (Xsun)
  • Wednesday 21st June, 2023, from 11 to 12 am : Main results of the European TIGER project and development outlook for tidal in Brittany. Teo van der Kammen (TIGER Technical manager – OREC), Nicolas GERARD (Paimpol Brehat – OPEN-C – Project Manager), Benoit Bazire (Sabella President)

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