Meet your future partners for your offshore renewable energy projects! Come and meet us in Nantes at Seanergy 2024!

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Brittany, home to floating wind and ocean energy projects, will be represented at Seanergy with a Bretagne Ocean Power pavilion. No less than 15 companies and port organisations will be exhibiting, all of which are already involved in Offshore Wind and Marine Energy projects both in France and worldwide. Seize the chance to discover their expertise!


This two-day event is the place to meet them. Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to them about your projects!

Brittany will be represented at Seanergy with a pavilion devoted to Bretagne Ocean Power. With its strong natural and industrial potential, Brittany is a very proactive region on the offshore renewables scene: floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind, tidal and wave power:

  • Trailblazer in floating offshore wind power with the first commercial project in Europe and dedicated port infrastructures
  • Home to ocean energy with long-standing support for the development of tidal and wave technologies, and identified zones with studied potential for commercial tidal turbine projects

Brittany is actively involved in offshore renewable energy development! The broad panel of Breton organisations exhibiting in the region’s pavilion is evidence of this commitment. No less than 15 offshore renewables companies and port organisations will be represented: floating wind developers, companies specialised in offshore operations and the construction of specialised vessels, equipment manufacturers, specialists in subsea studies and environmental impacts, vocational training organisations… all of which are now official suppliers to major clients in France or around the globe and will be on hand to meet you.

Bretagne Ocean Power - Seanergy 2022

The 15 Offshore Renewables players at the Bretagne Ocean Power pavilion

  • Actimar: service company mainly focused on maritime activities. It specializes in meteorological-oceanic studies, operational oceanography services, and deployment and valorization of oceanographic radar measurements.
  • AFPA Bretagne: training agency for adults which offers advanced offshore wind maintenance technician training. Prevention is integrated throughout the course.
  • AFC (Armoricaine de Fonderie le Châtelet): The Redonnaise foundry works in the fields of steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, and rare metals. and is responsible for supplying it with cast iron protective half-shells for the future Yeu-Noirmoutier offshore wind farm.
  • Dynamocean: independent consulting firm specializing in physical oceanography. Their work applies to offshore wind energy, tidal energy, wave energy, port studies, dredging, coastal works.
  • Eolink: engineering company fully dedicated to the development of an innovative and integrated floating wind turbine.
  • Gaïa – Terre Bleue: environmental design office specializing in the development of maritime, port and coastal projects > PHARE & TIGER’s environnemental impact assessment and support for obtaining environmental authorizations
  • Hytech Imaging: seabed imaging and mapping >realizes digital aerial campaigns STORMM High altitude census of marine megafauna and avifauna for all calls for tenders for French offshore wind farms
  • Ifopse: GWO certified training provider, based in Brittany, France
  • Inyanga/Laminak Energy: Laminak Energy is providing its expertise and market knowledge to innovative players in offshore renewable energies such as Inyanga. Inyanga’s highly experienced and skilled team is committed to the successful delivery of complex offshore operations and innovative engineering services > SEM-REV : cable installation and maintenance of the submarine hub, and installation of a dynamic cable for Sealhyfe – Lhyfe’s offshore hydrogen production demonstrator, installation of the anchoring system for the Eolink 5MW floating wind farm demonstrator & support for the installation of the floating wind turbine, upgrading the export cable at the Paimpol-Bréhat tidal turbine test site, operation and maintenance for OTP Project – 1.2 MW tidal turbine farm (Netherlands) and for the 10 MW project at the Morlais tidal site commissioned in 2027 with Hydrowing
  • Mappem Geophysics: expert in innovative electromagnetic methods to provide enhanced insight into the marine subsurface > for the Fecamp, Saint-Brieuc, Courseulles sur Mer and St Nazaire (France) offshore wind farms
  • Otecmi: inspection and non-destructive testing >non-destructive testing of metallic elements built for foundations (St Brieuc and St Nazaire offshore wind farms – France), non-destructive testing of composite elements of wind turbine blades for LM Wind
  • Quiet-Oceans: modeling, monitoring and mitigation of underwater noise >acoustic monitoring and real-time detection of the presence of marine mammals for the installation of the foundations of the St Nazaire wind farm and for the St Brieuc wind farm (France), prediction of underwater noise during the pile-driving operation of offshore wind farm in Taiwan and Rimini (Italy)
  • Scaph’Eusa: specialized divers for underwater work in difficult conditions
  • Ship as a service: maritime services and technical assistance for blue growth > Anchor line inspection campaign for the Floatgen project, marine services and technical assistance for the Saint-Brieuc wind farm
  • And Port logistics solutionswith the Port of Brest’s MRE terminal and the MRE services port in Lorient

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Programme of Breton side-events

* Wednesday 26 June 2024 – 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Stand F44 Bretagne Ocean Power

Inauguration of the Bretagne Ocean Power pavilion and presentation of the Pennavel project

In the Presence of:

Daniel Cueff, Vice-President of the Brittany Region with responsibility for the sea and coastline

Michel Gourtay, Vice-President of Brest Métropole with responsibility for the economy

Aldrik de Fombelle and Angélique Logodin from the Pennavel project

These presentations will be followed by a cocktail offered by the Elicio-BayWa r.e. consortium of the Pennavel project.


* Wednesday 26 June 2024 – 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. – Stand F44 Bretagne Ocean Power

Brittany unveils the results of a study into its tidal power potential

With high-potential sites such as Fromveur, near Ushant, Brittany has been supporting the development of tidal turbine technology for several years. To step up its development along its 2,470km coasline, the Brittany Region has commissioned a study of its tidal power potential from two local companies: Actimar and Dynamocean.

with: Actimar and Dynamocean


* Wednesday 26 June 2024 – 4.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. – Pitch area

BrestPort: Pioneering the future of the floating offshore wind industry

The InFloW project gather BrestPort ambitions and investments to serve the offshore wind market. On that purpose BrestPort is calling for interests from the offshore wind industry and logistics operators on their expected models to be developed at the edge of Brittany.

with: Christophe Chabert, CEO


Thursday 27 June 2024 – 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Stand F44 Bretagne Ocean Power

Breton innovation for offshore wind power: presentation of the solutions chosen by Ailes Marines

3 Breton companies are winners of the call for tenders launched by Ailes Marines (Iberdrola France) and the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique on “innovation to meet the environmental and operational challenges of offshore wind farms” as part of the IBreizh programme.

With: Actimar, Hytech Imaging and Effinor Sea Cleaner

In the presence of Iberdrola and Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique


Thursday 27 June 2024 – 11 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. – Stand F44 Bretagne Ocean Power

Eolink assembles its 5 MW floating wind turbine in the port of Brest : presentation of the project’s progress


* Thursday 27 June 2024 – 11.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. – Stand F44 Bretagne Ocean Power

Workshop: find your european partner with EEN maritime sector group

In the presence of the European members of the Maritime Sector Group of the Enterprise Europe Network.

The discussions will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Keen to meet our companies or find out more about offshore renewable projects in Brittany? Bretagne Ocean Power is the gateway!

Contact Philippe Thieffry, Head Officer at Bretagne Ocean Power

Join us on 26 and 27 June in Nantes at the Bretagne Ocean Power pavilion!