Meet the Breton delegation in Amsterdam – Offshore Energy

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For the first time at Offshore Energy, you can meet the Breton delegation at booth 1.909.

SHIPBUILDING, SHIP REPAIR, NAVAL ENGINEERING : lnvolved in shipbuilding, repair, naval engineering and services since 1965, PIRIOU specializes in producing medium sized vessels up to 120 m with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia.
With over 500 ships built and delivered worldwide, PIRIOU provides, on a global scale, bespoke solutions as well as a complete range of standardized or customized vessels that satisfy the requirements of international ship-owners, private or public, civilian or military.

We make all kind of stevedoring operations : heavy lifts, off-shore wind and marine turbines, containers, bulk cargo. We are shipping agent and provide all customs and forwarding formalities. We can provide all port logitics solutions. An important fleet of lifting equipments on Port of Brest and all other ports on the atlantic facade providing all the same services.

ON DEMAND MARITIME SERVICES SHIP AS A SERVICE® is one-stop maritime services, dedicated to design then to supply ON DEMAND maritime and technical assistance services : projects management, operational support, maritime coordination, shipmanagement, vessel chartering, subsea operations, I-M-R services, technical assistance, training services, safety and security studies, consultancy services.

OCEAN NOISE FORECASTING, MONITORING AND MITIGATION : Quiet-Oceans, European leader in the impact of underwater noise on marine species: modelling, prediction, mitigation and avoidance. Quiet-Oceans offers unique solutions to the offshore industry and governments around the world to combine offshore projects with the protection of marine life. To achieve this goal, Quiet-Oceans develops innovating technologies such as :
– the modelling of ambient noise (narural and anthropogenic components) and of the acoustic impact on species of offshore and coastal projects in the context of an already noisy ocean
– the detection in real time of marine mammals .

Quiet-Oceans has track records on all oceans.

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A NEW TERMINAL CARTERING TO LARGE MRE PROJECTS : Carried out thanks to the will of the Brittany Region
and a major financial investment, the Port of Brest now has modern facilites, dedicated and totally adapted to MRE
industrial projects: 40 ha of industrial lots connected to transport networks, 400 LM of dock with handling berth
of 100m width that can accommodate any type of handling equipment, channel depth of 8 m below CD, docking depth
of 12 m below CD 100m width.

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A LOGISTIC HUB FOR INSTALLATION, OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE : MRE port of services, the Port of Lorient allows the manufacture of elements thanks to 25 hectares equipped and available for the handling, storage, repair and maintenance of parts.

And the home port for french offshorewind market.

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Bretagne Ocean Power is a potent accelerator prompted by the Bretagne Regional Council to help you to acess breton industrial know-how, decrypt legal information, facilitate access to incentives & financial support, help your operational setup.