The Breton Guinard Energies Nouvelles tidal turbines installed in Togo


After Madagascar and French Guyana, it is now in Togo on the Mono River that Poseide 66 has been installed. The tidal turbine is a key part of the autonomous electricity network that is deployed in this remote area of the power grid with the German company Reusch Energietechnick, which specialises in hydroelectric power plants. The objective: to supply the inhabitants of this Togolese town with electricity.

Guinard Energies Nouvelles


The installation consists of a semi-mobile container, which can be repositioned in a few hours, which integrates a hybrid hydroelectric power plant, a photovoltaic field and a battery farm.

A key player for making isolated regions self-sufficient in carbon-free energy

Guinard Energies Nouvelles is a Breton companie that designs and manufactures a range of high performance turbines dedicated to estuaries and very low head streams. These hydrokinetic turbines are designed to produce electricity on-grid, in self-consumption mode or off-grid.

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