EOLINK Sets Sail: Manufacturing Begins in Brest for Largest Floating Wind Turbine on French Atlantic Coast

Déchargement des éléments de flotteurs pour Eolink

The first components of the floating wind turbine developed by renewable energy company EOLINK as part of the France-Atlantique Project arrived at the port of Brest earlier this week on the 20th February. The project will deliver the largest operational floating wind turbine on the French Atlantic coast to meet the energy needs for 6,500 people.

The arrival of the inaugural components signals the beginning of assembly of the steel float and superstructures of EOLINK’s innovative wind turbine on the Marine Renewable Energies polder under the stewardship of BrestPort. With a dedicated team of 30 managing the entire value chain, including manufacturing, logistics, assembly, and integration, Brest-based EOLINK sets a standard for efficiency and precision.

Collaborating with around ten companies, EOLINK’s assembly process is poised to engage an 80-strong workforce, with work commencing in the spring upon the delivery of prefabricated steel blocks. On completion, the floating structure, measuring 52m on each side and standing at a towering height of 150m, will be the largest of its kind on the French Atlantic coast.

Following assembly in the port of Brest, the wind turbine will embark on its journey to the test site off the coast of Le Croisic. With the anchors already installed in July 2023, the commissioning of the unit is scheduled for spring 2025.




Once operational, the wind turbine will produce approximately 14 GWh per year. This monumental achievement is made possible through partnerships with Valorem and the Open-C Foundation, with support from ADEME as part of the government-backed France 2030 plan.

EOLINK’s ambitions on the port of Brest are strong, and the manufacturing of our 5MW wind turbine on the polder constitutes a first concrete step towards an floating offshore wind industry  off the Atlantic coast. The aim is to create an industrial sector that combines energy transition and reindustrialization.

Marc Guyot, founder and CEO of EOLINK

This is an essential project for the Port of Brest. It allows BrestPort equipment to be ‘tested’ upstream of commercial parks and to include the port in this development of an industrial floating wind energy sector. It is also a regional project, to support a Brest SME in its desire to rely on BrestPort’s infrastructure and its network of subcontractors.

Christophe Chabert, Chairman of the Management Board of BrestPort, highlights the regional significance of the project, stating


The France-Atlantique project not only underscores France’s commitment to offshore wind power – with a target of 50 offshore wind farms by 2050 – but also positions the Atlantic coast as a key player in achieving ambitious renewable energy targets. With plans for a commercial-scale floating offshore wind farm in the south of Brittany by 2030, EOLINK’s initiative marks a crucial step towards sustainable energy solutions.






Eolink is an industrial company, based in Brest, France, dedicated to the development of a fully integrated and innovative floating wind turbine. Towards this purpose, the company has patented a pyramidal configuration that aims to enhance the productivity of energy and facilitate its industrialisation for large-scale deployment.

The key advantages of the Eolink concept are:

A more than 45% lighter structure thanks to a better distribution of the stresses amongst the 4 masts supporting the nacelle, versus a single supporting mast
A 10% additional energy production thanks to longer blades
An easy and automated industrialisation process based on shipbuilding techniques and the use of flat and thin stiffened steel panels
Eolink stands as a pivotal advocate for the advancement of floating offshore wind technology, which represents not only a vital pathway to achieving energy autonomy but also a crucial tool in safeguarding our environment. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, Eolink is dedicated to pioneering the way towards a greener, more resilient energy landscape.