The MRE roadmap draws on the region’s assets, defines ambitious goals, but also lays down the conditions for the successful development of this sector. Ensuring access to the MRE market, both in France and abroad, includes:

  • creating collective Breton solutions
  • understanding market needs and constraints
  • developing a comprehensive offer of MRE services for local and regional industry

Map-MREBy creating the Bretagne Ocean Power association, the Bretagne Regional Council has created a unique tool to

  • Coordinate – without subsuming – all the Breton stakeholders in MRE (Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique maritime innovation cluster, science parks, Bretagne Développement Innovation (regional business development agency), Bretagne Commerce International (regional agency for international trade) and specialised or generalist regional business clusters, such as Breizh EMR),
  • Accelerate industrial development in the MRE sector
  • Help foster the creation of durable jobs in the region.