1. Breton R&D and industry network activation


In conjunction with its partners (Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, France Energies Marines), BOP identifies the areas in need of innovation to help businesses improve the technical and economic performance of the products and services they offer. For example, BOP assists its partners so that businesses can obtain the funding, especially European funding, required to participate in innovation projects.

Industry development

BOP assists businesses in upgrading their production line to meet the needs specific to MREs (certification, process, etc.).


The goal of BOP is to ensure a coordinated heavy industry solution for commissioning authorities by showcasing the skills necessary to ensure successful MRE projects. Based on a database of skills and know-how, a specific training course will be set up in the region.

2. Project development support

Bretagne Ocean Power is the first point of contact and gateway for project leaders, whether they be developers, energy engineers or first-class manufacturers. BOP will orient them toward the appropriate regional business(es) or organisation(s) that best meet their needs.
BOP plays an advisory role for project developers, assisting them in their search for specific skills. More generally, BOP will maintain a skill base to ensure the harmonious development of MREs in Brittany. Finally, BOP will oversee certain strategic partnerships between the Bretagne Regional Council and commissioning authorities and offer an operational framework.

3. Export support

On the international stage, the promotion of Breton know-how is coordinated:

  • Under a single banner: Bretagne Ocean Power
  • Through participation in certain targeted events (ICOE, FWP Atlantic Forum, professional trade fairs and shows outside of France) and the creation of a website.

BOP actively monitors the world MRE market to identify priority targets. Specific actions can be set up to address these identified markets, such as industrial cooperation (collaborative R&D projects or strategic partnerships) or the organisation of a delegation of representative Breton MRE stakeholders.